Our mission

FEMcoders is a program designed to help women who do not have the advantages afforded to someone with a traditional 4 year degree in Computer Science, like internships and job placement, in learning to code and how to start freelancing to earn an income while gaining experience and building a portfolio.

Chicago Seminar May 21st 2016

The first full day seminar will be held in Chicago on May 21st 2016 at 1871 in Merchandise Mart.
The first half of the day will be workshops on topics related to learning to code through free or low cost programs and how to overcome the challenges associated with the process. The second half of the day will be workshops on how to begin freelancing covering topics like building a portfolio, bidding on jobs, creating an interactive resume and networking. Women can sign up for either session or both. There is no cost to participants.

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Learn to Code

Below are some great free and low cost websites that teach you how to code. If you
want to brush up on your skills or learn some more, visit one of these websites!

  • Codecademy

    Codecademy is extremely interactive with many structured courses in Web Fundamentals, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby and APIs.

  • Code Avengers

    Though it only offers HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Code Avengers makes learning code incredibly fun with equally structured courses.


    Structured Query Language (SQL) is a language designed to store and retrieve data from a database, however SQLZOO uses a colorfull interface to make learning SQL more interesting.

  • Udacity

    Udacity uses video lectures and quizzes to teach the user everything from Intro to Programming to Senior Web Development.

  • Khan Academy

    Khan Academy has a less structured format, however it is easy to find videos and projects to do on any language you are trying to learn.

  • Code School

    Code School's courses are categorized into 4 main paths, and they are: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and iOS. Even though there isn't a large variety, Code School goes into depth with each of these paths.